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football scouting software made easy!

Free download available upon request.

WEB-ENABLED Scouting Reports. You do not need BlisScout to view your scouting reports. Install BlisScout on one computer. Generate the reports. Email the reports to your coaches. The coaches print the reports using their favorite web browser ANYWHERE! Your coaches examine the reports and then they develop a game plan to increase your WINS!


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BlisScout is a TradeMark

In short, BlisScout--the football scouting software version--is designed to assist coaches in obtaining the best results possible from their players and staff. Review the BlisScout HELP file to see how easy this application is to use. View some screen shots of BlisScout...

This football scouting software and tendency statistical tracking application was specifically designed to make scouting your opponents offense easier. MMB Sports developed what we think is one of the best football scouting software on the market. Blisscout has been a part of our defensive preparation for the past seven (7) seasons. We have a 84-3 record while winning 5 State Championships, our defense has generated 263 turnovers and have only given up 8.8 points a game in 87 ball games- aided with this football scouting software and building the best tendency statistical scouting reports the results speak for themselves. In the time we have used this football scouting software - Blisscout - developing a game plan with the tendency statistical scouting reports has never been easier. You point and click your mouse as you break down film. It has allowed us to get home earlier, which provides more quality time with our families. Learn more about this football scouting software by going to our company's web site and view BlisScout - hands down the easiest football scouting software, tendency statistical tracking application, and coaching software there is.

This is a true football scouting software and tendency statistical tracking application with point and click technology that makes it the easiest application to use. A football tendency tracking, scouting, and statistical application which tracks an opponent by using their own offensive play-by-play statistics. Scouting reports and more! Read what others are saying about this football scouting software ...